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I’ve recently discovered OpenALPR and I’m really impressed by it.

OpenALPR is a software that performs Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (Hence ALPR) from a video stream. The free account is quite basic as it does not offer alerts, but it still allows plate recognition and saves them as well as the actual picture for a few days.

All I had to do was to install the agent and create an account on

And this is how impressive it is at recognizing plates:

OpenALPR Full Image

OpenALPR Full Image

OpenALPR Console

OpenALPR Console

It appears to be quite resource hungry though (well my camera’s resolution is 3072 x 1728 !) so I’ve only got 1 camera fed through the agent now. I’m planning on trialling another agent on a raspberry pi and see how it copes…

[EDIT – 16th Aug 2018]

Turns out a Raspberry Pi would not be strong enough to cope, or so that’s what the people at OpenALPR say… 🙁

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