Monthly Archives: December 2012

Theme Update

Having updated WordPress to version 3.5, I also updated the theme to “Twenty Twelve”.

It looks slightly slicker but I had to reduce the header pictures a bit to accommodate…

Control your Raspberry Pi via a Web Interface

Until now, I had to VNC on my Raspi, then open a terminal window, then run a script.
If I wanted to make adjustments, I’d have to stop the script, edit it, then run it again.

Thanks to drcurzon via, I started to work on a Web Control Panel for my Raspi to contol LED’s, Light and Movement Alerts.

Have a look at the great instructions to reproduce:

Web Control of Raspberry Pi GPIO

New header pictures

I thought I’d customise my WordPress based page and replace the built in header pictures with my own.

I now have shots from some of my trips showing up. Enjoy

Home Automation Project

I’m using my Raspberry Pi more and more for home automation.

I have forgotten a few times to switch off the light downstairs while going to bed. And I usually don’t realise it’s been on until the next morning.

Similarly and more gravely I forgot a few times to lock the door.

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one to reach the bed, get comfortable and then ask myself “Did I lock the door?” only to have to go downstairs and double check.

This is where my Raspberry Pi and few components comes in handy: I have a PIR  for motion detection, a photo-resistor and a piezo buzzer connected to my Pi via a breadboard. Then it’s “simple”: check if it’s late in the day, check whether the light is on and if so, was there movement in the last 5 min? Yes? Then sound the alarm !

Similarly check if it’s late in the day, check whether the light is off and if so, is the door locked? No? Then sound the alarm !

I’ll create a dedicated page with some pics and code soon.