Frost Alert

UPDATE – 2nd January 2014

Frost Alert was designed before this site and is hosted on a different server. It’s at best flaky, at worse not working at all (a big file regularly gets deleted by the host and I have the feeling they’ve deleted some cron jobs too).
I thought of transferring the Frost Alert site here but I’ve since discovered IFTTT and made my own recipe for this. I will therefore drop the Frost Alert site for now.

Like many, I have a car, and like many, it “sleeps” outside.

Not so much of an issue, but during the winter months, I don’t particularly enjoy having to scrap the ice off the windscreen.
I had a long look on the interweb to find a service that would alert me when the temperature drops below a set target so I’d remember to put a cover on the windscreen.

I eventually gave up searching and decided to make my own alert.

Enter Frost Alert. Have a look and see if it helps. It was really designed with “me” in mind, but if it helps anyone else, then all the better.