I’ve recently discovered Home-Assistant (https://home-assistant.io) which offers a manufacturer agnostic home automation platform.

I’m still in in the learning curve and will post here what I’m doing with it. Watch this space.

[15th Feb 2017]

The good news first:

  • The web interface looks really good and easy to interact with.
  • There is also a huge list of supported devices and platforms, including the much wanted Nest for me.
  • The install is quick and painless

Now for the not so good:

  • I have spent hours trying to achieve some of the most very basic tasks (add a device, add a simple automation) because there is no graphical UI for this, it’s all code driven.
  • Some of the devices that I use (e.g. CurrentCost) are not supported

So all in all, I’m not going away from DomotiGa just yet, but will most likely try and get both platforms to talk to each other to get the best of both worlds.

I’ll try and post some config and UI examples in the near future

[16 Aug 2017]

Home-Assistant gets updated every other week and already since I started using it, loads of components have been added thanks to its massive community.

The GUI has also been updated to now allow creation of automations with minimum coding required, so I’m now seriously thinking about switching over from DomotiGa to Home-Assistant. This is even more prevalent since SmartVISU doesn’t appear to connect to DomotiGa since the last apt-get upgrade a couple of weeks ago, which is a shame as I really grew fond of the design.