Humble Pi – Post Setup Review

So it’s been nearly a month since I replaced the breadboard with a Humble Pi (see this post), and everything seems better with it.

The LCD would scramble up every so often, requiring a power down cycle of the LCD and restart of the driver routine, whenever a “sharp” noise would happen close to the breadboard, the LCD would dim down for a sec, some sensors would not always update on time.

All of these are now a thing of the past. The LCD is actually brighter (even thought still powered by +3.3V when designed for +5V), hasn’t bugged a single time, is completely unaffected by noise or otherwise. Really happy with it all. Would recommend this to anyone who’s past the breadboard design test stage and ready to make things a bit more definitive (although it’s still fairly easy to de-solder a component).

Anyway, a year ends on a high note, let’s see what 2015 will bring us. Happy new year to all my readers 🙂