Smart Doorbell

I’ve now changed the “dumb” doorbell with a “smart” one; the previous doorbell was a standard push button with a wireless receiver that plugs on a socket.


  • There was only 1 receiver
  • The receiver was not a pass-through, meaning it would occupy a socket on the wall
  • There was no way of adjusting the ringer volume

I’ve purchased a Byron SX-20T kit which resolves the above issues as there are 2 receivers in the kit and they are both pass-through so I don’t lose a socket. They also both have a rotating control button to adjust the volume (handy for the one that’s upstairs when our little one is sleeping)

Byron SX-20T

Byron SX-20T

But the best thing about it is that it uses the 433MHz frequency which is recognised by the RfxTrx433 so I can automate actions in DomotiGa when the doorbell is pushed, and here is what happens when someone does:

  1. Play the same tune as the receivers on the server’s speakers, effectively providing the equivalent to a 3rd receiver (sample tunes available here)
  2. Log the time and date the doorbell was pressed for future use (e.g. “Hey dear courier, nobody rang the bell when you tried to deliver that parcel and left it outside for someone to steal it, and I can prove it”)
  3. Send an automated email to inform me that a visitor passed by.

What’s Next?

I’m planning on adding some “proper” CCTVs to the house – the ones I had before were cheap and not so cheerful so  I got rid of them. When I do, I can then send a picture of the CCTV with the notification email.