Kello Smart Alarm Clock, Part 2

I’ve now had enough time to play with my Kello and I’ve done enough integrations to share some updates.

Now Kello doesn’t have an API per se, but there are a few commands that can be used to communicate with it.

This enabled me to created a Kello interface on Home-Assistant so I can control my Kello remotely. Bonus: I can even do this when I’m not home.

The main interface is this one:

And here are some of the functions that I’ve achieved:

  • When I stop the alarm, I then get greeted with the weather forecast for the day as well as estimated time to go to work
  • I can play various radio stations, change the volume
  • If for any reason the Kello loses WiFi connection, I get a notification email
  • When I leave home, or when I set the house mode to “Holidays”, all alarms get deactivated
  • When I reach home or when the house mode is no longer set to “Holidays”, all alarms are enabled


Here is a list of the commands I used to achieve the above:


printf "\n0p40xx\r" | nc [Kello's IP Address] 4444

Where xx is the volume in hex (Dec from 0 to 100, so 0x00 to 0x64 in hex)


Muting all Alarms:

printf "\n0p231\r" | nc [Kello's IP Address] 4444


Unmuting all Alarms:

printf "\n0d231\r" | nc [Kello's IP Address] 4444


Play (online) Media:

printf "\n0p41uri:http\:\/\/\/files\/music\/sounds\/fireside.ogg\r" | nc [Kello's IP Address] 4444


Stop Media:

printf "\n0d41\r" | nc [Kello's IP Address] 4444


And don’t forget the IFTTT Integration for more automation, check my previous post on how do to this.