HomeEasy Remote Controlled Sockets

Next step in my Home Automation setup: remote controlled sockets.

I’ve therefore purchased a set of HomeEasy HE830s Remote Controlled Sockets (from Screwfix for those interested):

HomeEasy HE830s Remote Controlled Sockets

HomeEasy HE830s Remote Controlled Sockets

The first step is to get it working with the supplied remote. They’re fairly easy to pair (hold the button on the socket for 2 sec, then press the desired On button on the remote).

For the next step, since the HomeEasy sockets use a “standard” 433MHz frequency, they can be controlled by the RFXCom RFXtrx that I also purchased.

See this post for more information on what the RFXtrx is and how to pair a HomeEasy device with it.

The nice thing with the HomeEasy remote is that I can either pair it with a socket, or pair it with the RFXtrx to perform custom action within DomotiGa, or both.

For example I have set a Cinema mood scene: it dimms the living room lights, switches off the lights in the kitchen and switches on a floor standing light at the press of a single button 🙂