Smart(er) Dehumidifier

So my dehumidifier is already somewhat smart: by using a Cresta TS34C Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor, and a HomeEasy Remote Controlled Socket, I can automatically switch the dehumidifier on when the humidity is too high.

Trouble is I’m getting lazy and simply rely on this automation and as a result I tend to forget that the dehumidifier tank will eventually fill up and then stop.

So taking it a step further, I’ve added a home-made Individual Appliance Monitor (IAM) with a spare Current Cost sensor which I plugged between the HomeEasy socket and the dehumidifier.  Check this post for how to make the sensor (same principle as for the Owl one).

Now with a simple event in DomotiGa, if the HomeEasy Socket is on but the power consumption is 0, it means the tank is full and an email is automatically sent.

Isn’t automated life beautiful? 🙂