LightwaveRF Socket Kit

Until now I was using HomeEasy HE830s Remote Controlled Sockets, but they appear to have developed a fault where they will turn themselves on randomly and get locked so become somewhat useless.

While I try and I claim warranty on them, I also need a few more sockets to help with Holiday lighting when I’m away as well as Christmas lighting automation.

So I purchased a set of LightwaveRF JSJSLW381 Remote On/Off Socket Kit to help with this:

LightwaveRF JSJSLW381 Remote On/Off Socket Kit

LightwaveRF JSJSLW381 Remote On/Off Socket Kit

Plus it gives me another remote to control my events in DomotiGa 🙂

They are easy enough to pair/connect to: simply plug them and they enter into pairing mode. Then send an ON command from the remote or DomotiGa and you’re set.

Note: I’m not planning on actually controlling the sockets with the remote but from my DomotiGa server, though I could do both if I wanted: the LightwaveRF JSJSLW381 Remote On/Off Sockets can be paired with up to 3 devices/remotes (vs 6 for other LightWaveRF devices..). Instead I will use the remote to trigger events in DomotiGa so I don’t need to access my PC or my Phone (although the latest integration with Siri is proving quite useful)