Controlling a Sky+HD box

Now that I can reasonably control my TV and my AV Amplifier, I wanted to check whether I could also control my Sky+HD box for further automation (e.g. switch the box off if I switch the TV Off).

Sky+HD Box

Sky+HD Box

After little research I stumbled upon a repository from dalhundal that could do almost exactly that. Only issue at the moment is that this is pretty much a one way function, just like using a physical remote control: I can send commands but don’t receive a status back.

I then added a simple Shell Actions in DomotiGa to send the on/off command:

sky-remote-cli power

and the TV Guide button:

sky-remote-cli tvguide


Next step is to look at this page to see if I can retrieve the box’s status.

[2018-03-02 edit]

Above link doesn’t appear to move too much and I found a workaround. Check this page for more…